Long Time No See!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it's been SO incredibly long since I've blogged! So much has been going on; I have no idea where to start. Which is probably why I've neglected to blog for such a long time. Any way, I shall try to summarize all that's happened since February....

My special ed kiddos mostly passed the TAKS test so I am so grateful to God for that! Over the summer, we went through quite a few changes; my sister moved in with us so now the guest bedroom is occupied! She is such a great help with the household and keeping my sanity. :) Harlen and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary as well! We had a fun time ziplining and staying at a bed and breakfast in the town of Wimberly, Texas.

Our summer ended with me learning that I would not be teaching special ed but just regular 6th grade math! (I heard the news about 3 days before school started btw.) So far, it's been a challenge, but very fun! I love my kiddos for the most part!

We took a short, and I mean short, trip back to Singapore. My dad's mother passed away so the whole family got to take a trip home for the funeral. It was sad but also great at the same time to see the rest of the family.

Harlen and I are now on a house hunt. We've been praying and looking for the right home to buy. It's been somewhat of a challenge but we think we might have found one! Going to put in the offer tomorrow.. If it's the one, we will get it. The needs some TLC but we are very excited to get working on it.

Some good news on Vicky's end: she got all A's so far!! We are praying for a continuation of her scholarship. The one she received only lasts one year. So we need to find funding from another source at the end of this year. But God will provide, as He always does! She has been struggling about what major she will major in but we shall see what God has in store for her.

Okay that's it. The end. :) Pictures later.